12pm- 10pm 
    1pm- 10pm
   12pm-  4pm Lunch Buffet            4pm- 10pm Dinner
Be sure to try our fresh halwa!
Only the freshest vegetables are used
Get ready to Enjoy some good food!
We wanted to let you know that we offer the best East African cuisine in Seattle . Our food offers a unique blend of traditional Somali, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean!  We have many selections for you to enjoy!  Check out our menu page for more info!

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A Somali favorite, Aanjera!
Fresh and Halal
We proudly serve only the freshest Halal food!  All of our meals are prepared and served with care and appreciation!
Al-Uruba Treats
Be sure to ask for our famous Halwa!  A sticky sweet Somali favorite!
 8824 Renton Ave S.  Seattle, WA 98118.       206.331.4447
We welcome you to our home!
We welcome you to our home.  Here all who come are our neighbor.  Sit down and have a cup of our shay aan(milk tea) with us.  Then stay for a meal. Our staff is ready to assist with your order and happy to answer any questions!
Why a banana?
In Somali dishes there are always many flavors at work.  It easy for the individual to become overwhelmed and so the taste buds need a reset!  That's where the banana comes in.  Be it the various items on your plate or one of our many sauces that heats you up, you use the banana to cool you off.  This sweet Somali trick has been used for centuries!
Al-Uruba Hotel 
Al-Uruba Hotel in Mogadishu was once one of the most luxurious in all of Somalia and legendary in its hospitality.  This serves as our inspiration for our restaurant and our service!  You can see a photo of the hotel as our background.  
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